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BADABING KLUB GO GO - Wojska Polskiego 11, 70-470 Szczecin



Go Go and betrayal?

Is going to a go-go club cheating? The answer to this question is, of course, in the negative. Read our text to assuage your doubts. We invite women to read it, although skeptical men will also benefit from it.


The Art of Pole Dance

Although pole dance has a centuries-old tradition, not necessarily unrelated to eroticism, since the 1950s, in the minds of the masses, it has been associated with burlesque, go-go clubs and sensual pleasure. Recently, however, pole dancing has regained a space that is not marked by sexuality, becoming a way to spend time actively, keep fit and healthy.


Characteristics of an ideal dancer

Entering the place, which is the gentlemen's club, you can get the impression of visiting another world. Of course, this is influenced by a completely unusual decor, but dancers are responsible for most of the magic of a good nightclub. Exciting, stimulating the imagination, supple and wonderful. So phenomenal that becoming one of them is a dream of young women. But can each of the ladies manage her life so that the go go club becomes her workplace?


Striptease - Modern Philosophy

Will we live to see the times when a doctor will prescribe a visit to a go-go club as a prescription, just like the start of corrective classes today? In fact, everything is possible, according to experts, striptease may turn out to be not so much a drug as a preventive measure, and a very wide range of applications.


Good nightclub

You're probably wondering what a good night-club means. You've consulted someone, you've browsed the internet, but you don't really know what to think about it all. It's possible that you've been to such places before, but you still don't know if it couldn't be better.


Evening at the go go club

You consider yourself the happiest man on earth. You met the one you want to spend your whole life with. The decision has been made - the wedding is in a few months...


A classy nightclub

The truth is as follows - many people associate Gogo Clubs with escort agencies operating under the guise of ordinary Striptease. However, there is a big difference between Gentlemen's Clubs and ordinary brothels. Nightclubs with pole dancing should have a completely different opinion and image...


Night club in Poland

Ibiza, Mallorca, Las Vegas – several years ago these were places in the world where you had to go to experience good fun. But that's in the past...


A nightclub for gentlemen

Going to the cinema, doing sports, meeting friends are some of the ways to cut off from problems and relax. However, as a way to relax, some people choose a great night club party with professional dancers...


Badabing is a gogo club in Szczecin

We are one of the biggest go go clubs on the map of Szczecin. We are waiting for you all week long, from 9 pm until early morning. When visiting the go go club, you can be sure that there will be plenty of space and many attractions for you...