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BADABING KLUB GO GO - Wojska Polskiego 11, 70-470 Szczecin

Go Go and betrayal?

A visit to a go-go club and betrayal

Is going to a go-go club cheating? The answer to this question is, of course, in the negative. Read our text to assuage your doubts. We invite women to read it, although skeptical men will also benefit from it.

Many women believe that simply going to such a place equals infidelity. This attitude consists of several things, but above all, the fact that few women have any idea what a party in such a club looks like.


What is the gentlemen's club?

Most women's concerns about the visit of their lovers in a go-go club result from two reasons: ignorance of the reality of the nightclub and lack of trust. Unfortunately, no text on the Internet can remedy the lack of trust in a relationship, but we can tell you what the gogo club in Szczecin looks like and present the rules that prevail in it, which are clearly defined in every place of this type.

It is worth being aware and remembering forever that a go-go club is not a brothel. The women who work at Bada Bing are called variously (usually dancers or just girls), but never prostitutes. Their work is in fact completely different. After all, prostitutes offer physical love that you won't find in any decent nightclub. These are the rules and they are strictly followed. There is no place for sex on the premises. Both figuratively and literally. Therefore, a visit to a gogo cannot be compared to phenomena such as sex tourism, various kinds of deviations or violence.

Why do men go to go-go?

There are several answers to this question, and the answer is usually somewhere "in-between" various factors.

  1. Group outing. Let's start with what most often attracts busy men to the gentlemen's club. These are, of course, bachelor parties. They often end up in places like Bada Bing. Because of the groom, but also his guests. One of the great fantasies is at work here, combined with the last moments of legal freedom. In addition, this type of entertainment maximizes the chances of having a good time for all guests and is easy to organize. And every groom will appreciate it. The herd instinct also plays a role here. The guy at the beginning may even be reluctant to party of this kind, but surrendering to the environment, good moods of colleagues, it is easy to encourage him.
  2. Curiosity. We are sure that most people visiting the club for the first time were very curious about what they would find inside. Such places are known to us from cinema and stories, but the imagination is something completely different. For this reason, nightclub clients are also women. They do not come there out of jealousy or seeking sexual arousal, but to see the famous shrines with their own eyes. For similar reasons, red light districts around the world are so popular. And yet the lion's share of tourists do not seek physical pleasure in them.
  3. The joy of chasing a bunny. Each of us knows that chasing is a completely different game than catching a bunny. Even in a situation where you are aware that the bunny cannot be caught.
  4. The need to watch. In many periods of European culture, looking at naked bodies was not considered to be extremely unhealthy. Whether it was ancient feasts, baroque painting or the 20th century development of pornography. Sometimes, nakedness was considered normal in certain situations. Interestingly, along with the growing popularity of pornography, it is perceived worse, mostly by women. And yet, several dozen years ago, cinemas showing pornographic films functioned with success, and revues are ahead of them. It can be said that a visit to a place like the Szczecin night club continues this tradition and is comparable to, for example, a 5D cinema. For adults only.


Betrayal? what is it?

Infidelity in a relationship is primarily a conscious breaking of a promise (marriage vows or rules that govern the relationship). Currently, relationships look different, some are even open, and then "roam soul, there is no hell." For this reason, the word "treason" in the context of relationships has lost its universal meaning. If she ever had any.

It's worth mentioning that there are different types of betrayal and going to a nightclub doesn't really fit into any of them. Because is it physical infidelity? Not really. There is no or very limited physical contact. A man in a go-go club does not undress, nor does he have much opportunity to touch. Emotional cheating? Not very either. Men come to these types of establishments mainly to feel pleasantly aroused and just to look at beautiful bodies. That doesn't mean they don't like their picks. This is how women with low self-esteem can think. Then the problem is much bigger than just going to a place where half-naked women dance.

As you can see, the key to assessing the entire output is knowledge and communication between partners. If a man does not hide his visit and his chosen one trusts him, going to a nightclub is like a parachute jump, just fun with an increased level of adrenaline. Or maybe the best way to get rid of doubts will be a joint visit to such a place?